A profitable and safe investment in your home

The xComfort control system provides lower power consumption and better comfort. It also increases the value of your house.

xComfort, Eaton’s robust and reliable wireless system for building automation, delivers proven competitive advantage. It simplifies and speeds up installation and commissioning in residential and (light) commercial buildings, while also significantly reducing cost. With xComfort, installers can offer outstanding added value to their customers.

Solutions range from low cost and flexible wireless switching/dimming up to a complete system for increased comfort, security, safety and energy saving. xComfort is equally suited to new buildings or retrofit installation.
Main applications:
  • Perfect smooth LED dimming
  • Lighting control
  • Climate control
  • Blind & shutter control
  • Safety management
  • Energy monitoring & visualization
  • Remote information & control
With xComfort you get full, wireless control of your house, wherever you are. xComfort devices communicate wirelessly with each other and also with the optional xComfort Smart Home Controller. The Smart Home Controller connects the xComfort system to your (W)LAN at home and via that to the Internet. So whether your smartphone is connected to the Smart Home Controller through your home wifi or remotely via the Internet, the xComfort smartphone apps for Android and iOS give you full control of your house.

xComfort communicates wirelessly on frequency 868.3 MHz which is a closed frequency band allocated to building automation systems in Europe. A specific guideline for use of the frequency ensures that it is not overloaded or blocked. The operating range is approximately 30–50 meters in a timber frame building but a patented feature enables the practical range of the signal to be extended significantly.

The transmission power of xComfort components is tiny. In comparison, a mobile phone can be up to 150 times more powerful. And xComfort components transmit for only a few milliseconds with the result that batteries last a long time – up to 10 years for the buttons and 5 – 7 years for the temperature sensor and remote control. Batteries are standard types and can easily be replaced by the user. The system alerts you when the batteries must be replaced.

Since its launch in 2003, xComfort has shown its strength as a real alternative to conventional installation methods and has gained a solid foothold in Europe in both new construction and renovations. Across Europe, more than 2,500 electricians have completed training in xComfort and are able to install the system.

For more technical information on the xComfort system please visit www.eaton.eu/xcomfort

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