Every morning the radio turns on and your heater starts up 30 minutes before the first person is in the bathroom
Always warm when you need it
The wireless system allows you to place the switches wherever you wish
Switches can be placed wherever you wish

What’s so fascinating is that your home gets to know you.
It adapts to you. Your rhythms and your needs.

Based upon a defined set of criteria, the house learns about you. This offers opportunities both to increase comfort and to save money.

xComfort is an advanced and sophisticated system that is still very simple to use. In fact, xComfort does most of the work for you, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Switch off the house when you are travelling, switch it back on again when you’re back.
  • It follows you and your rhythm.
  • It gently wakes you at the time you decide, switches the radio on when you enter the bathroom and the coffee machine begins to percolate five minutes before you are finished in the shower.
  • A wireless system which lets you, for example, move a wall without calling an electrician.
  • Adjust the heating with the touch of a button and dim the light in the living room, kitchen or the entire house just as easily.
  • The system can be expanded and adapted as needed. It controls everything running on electricity.
Stay updated on everything that happens at home by mobile phone
xComfort gives you control. Not only because you can control just about everything, but also because the system gives you feedback. You can see directly from your iPhone what the temperature is in the living room, adjust it with the touch of a button and receive confirmation immediately. You know what is happening and it’s easy to control it.
Already installed in thousands of homes
xComfort is advanced, yet easy to use. The system is fully developed, ready to use and installed in many thousands of homes. It’s also very inexpensive. xComfort is just as suitable for renovations as new-builds. You can decide on its scope yourself, and when you’re ready, you are guaranteed every option to expand it any way you like!
Uncompromising flexibility
xComfort's wireless system makes it easy to place switches, dimmers and sensors where you want them. Because it is wireless and battery-powered, you can move them wherever you want.

xComfort wireless switches and xComfort dimmers can be used for all existing light sources and are ideal for renovations where you want to avoid any exposed cables. The switches are fastened with screws or double-sided tape. You can fix them to a mirror, under a table or, if you like, directly on a window.
Your own digital butler
Whatever your everyday luxury, xComfort is the answer. Because xComfort is your own digital butler who is always at your service.

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