Lights prevent burglary – especially when turned on and off via presence simulation
Lights prevent burglary – especially when turned on and off via presence simulation
xComfort can send you live pictures of activity in or outside the house
Live pictures from outside and inside the house.
Get alerted by an alarm on your mobile
Get alerted by an alarm on your mobile.
Turn on all the lights in the house with a bedside switch
Turn on all the lights in the house via the bedside switch.

One of the best features is being able to scare off intruders before they break in

Research strongly indicates that lighting prevents break-ins. With the addition of a sensor, your property becomes a security zone, enabling xComfort to deter intruders with a barrage of light and even noise while sending you a warning on your mobile phone. From your phone you can connect to security cameras and assess the situation.

If connected to an existing alarm system, xComfort can go into ‘presence simulation’ mode whenever you set the alarm.

In the unlikely event that a break-in still occurs, xComfort can provide even more powerful deterence by switching on additional lighting where intrusion has been detected by the alarm.

xComfort is the answer to all your concerns about home security. Because xComfort is your digital butler who never sleeps – whether you are at home or not.
xComfort has over twelve settings to prevent and warn you of a
xComfort has over twelve different settings for a burglary and intruder-resistant home. For example, with xComfort you can:
  • Set the system to attract attention with noise and lights, which will scare off intruders.
  • Configure settings so both the indoor and outdoor lights follow a pattern in order to make it difficult for intruders to know if you are at home or not. You can simulate being at home through the use of:
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Sun blinds
  • Monitor and record people outside the house with accompanying automatic switching on of lights and activation of alarms.
  • Switch on every light in the house with a panic button on the bedside table.
  • Receive warning of irregularities on your mobile phone along with live monitoring of security cameras in the house.
xComfort is wireless
Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats and sensors.This gives you a high-spec system that is simple and safe to install.

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