Control for meeting rooms, blinds, light and heating in existing or new buildings
Control for the building or a single room

Smart control of commercial premises and meeting rooms. Easy to use, cost-effective to install and operate.

xComfort makes premises flexible. Wireless control of lighting and heating zones makes it easy to adjust the walls and partitions without the need for an electrician to move switches or heaters. Smart meeting room solutions integrate control of blinds, lights, heating/ventilation/cooling, projectors, etc. Everything can be controlled from a wall-mounted iPad or Smart Panel.

  • Ideal for both new and existing commercial buildings
  • Meeting room control
  • Master switch at the main door, timers for power saving
  • Numerous features like control and status of lights, blinds, heating, ventilation, etc.
  • Control by the use of Smart Panel/iPad, wireless switches, remote control or mobile telephone
  • Simple, problem-free integration with existing installations without additional wiring
  • Can be used everywhere and can be extended as needed
  • Comprehensive accessories and a variety of plate and switch designs.
  • Limits cabling and fire risk

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