Thanks to 55mm standardization, xComfort components are compatible with those of many other manufacturers
Thanks to 55mm standardisation, xComfort components are widely compatible
Wireless switches for any surface material
Wireless switches for any surface material
Easy control with wall-mounted iPad
Easy control with wall-mounted iPad
Choose a switch that suits your home
Choose a switch that suits your home
Thermostat to control heating or cooling
Thermostat to control heating or cooling


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  • Can easily be adapted to your design preferences.
  • Can also be adapted to suit your existing switches.

Control Panels
  • Use mounted screens, tablets or an iPad to control the system.
Directly on the wall – without wires
xComfort can be used anywhere without disrupting the design of your home. As a wireless system, xComfort is experienced rather than seen. The electronic units are hidden in electrical sockets and lampshades, removing any need for unattractive, exposed cables.

Where something must be visible, you can choose the style that is suitable for you; integrated iPad(s) embedded in the wall, switches you’ve designed or standard white switches adapted to an existing installation.
xComfort where you want it!
xComfort allows for incredible flexibility in terms of location – and relocation. Choosing the location of a light switch or dimmer is often a question of taste and convenience. Aesthetics have a huge impact on the overall impression of an interior, and the position of a switch can either enhance or ruin the style and experience you want to achieve in your home. The wall switch and dimmer come with self-adhesive tape. Their placement is therefore completely independent of the room layout. You can also change your mind without calling an electrician!
Coloured switches
All the switches in xComfort are made so you can combine them in different colours and the switch plate can have a different colour to the actual switch. So you can try colour combinations and nuances to find the perfect match for your interior.
Use of materials
When a new home is planned with xComfort, the wiring set-up is radically simplified compared to a traditional installation. Fewer circuits will usually be needed  and because it is not necessary to run wiring to switches, the amount of wiring is significantly reduced.

During renovation, xComfort can often improve old, extensive installations that have exposed wiring or unsightly tangles of extension cords and adaptors.

If an xComfort central control system is installed, the user interface can be an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, laptop or wall-mounted home control device. xComfort products communicate between themselves wirelessly.

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