Using the xComfort Smart Dimmer, the lighting in a room can easily be switched and dimmed to any desired level!
Simple switching and dimming
By using xComfort batterypowered switches, wires are no longer needed. You can place your switches anywhere you want!
Installing flexible switches
The Smart Dimmer dims continuously and smoothly without flickering!
Experience the comfort of xComfort

The new generation of Smart – Dimmers

Dims all lights starting from 0 Watt with minimal power consumption and can be easy implemented in the existing installations.

Additional highlights are:
  • Flicker free!
  • No LED glow when switched Off. Off is Off!
  • No audible dimmer noise!
  • Dims even the smallest LED load. Starting from 0W!
  • Use max dimming range!
  • 100% Dimming smoothness!
This dimmer can be used as a stand alone device by connecting approximately all push buttons. The dimmer can be perfectly adjusted to each LED lamp characteristics by selecting existing DIM profiles or by defining your own.
If you want to extend it later or you need additional RF push buttons – no problem, it can be done without any drilling, dirt. The RF push button can be placed wherever you like.
Watch the video to learn about our new Smart Dimmers

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