Significantly lower energy bills in a typical house relying mainly on electric heating
Significantly lower energy bills in a typical house
Smart lighting control is effective and it shows on the energy bill
Smart lighting control saves energy and the environment
Producing your own electricity? xComfort is ready to measure and monitor for you
Producing your own electricity? xComfort is ready to help

A significant cut in your electricity bill?

Heating is where you will save the most
In a typical house that largely relies on electric heating, an xComfort system can save up to 20-40% on heating costs, depending on your situation. Extensive installation work is not required to get this up and running. Nor does it matter which type of heating is being used because xComfort can control both water based and electrical heating.
Lighting control is also important
You can save energy by controlling light as needed - using motion detectors to switch off the lights when no one is at home, automatically controlling sunlight with curtains or blinds instead of using energy for cooling and so on. With this, you could save up to an extra 10% on your electric bill.
Produce electricity yourself?
In the future, perhaps a home need consume no energy at all. Many will be able to produce it too. Perhaps the home needs a solution which measures the current being produced, and which you can be paid for. xComfort will be such a solution.
Your own digital butler
Whatever your energy efficiency goals, xComfort is the answer. Because xComfort is your own digital butler who is always at your service.
xComfort is wireless
Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats and sensors. This gives you a high-spec system that is simple and safe to install.

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