What is the cost of xComfort?  ▼

xComfort is ideal for both new construction and modernisation. Compared to traditional systems with similar features, installing xComfort will entail minimal additional cost. There is also the advantage of being able to add new features easily and in a cost-effective way.

xComfort can be used to control everything from a single lamp to more comprehensive lighting, heating and security solutions. And while the required investment grows with the richness of the solution, there are complete solutions available for any budget.

Your local electrician can give you a price for a solution that is suitable for your house. Please contact the nearest installer for a quote.

The system will contribute to lowering the cost of heating. In a standard house with electricity as the main source of heating, you can expect up to 20–40% (depending on your situation) savings on electricity.

xComfort is easy to set up compared to other similar systems, which contributes to its unsurpassed flexibility and affordable price.

Do I need an Iphone or Android telephone to control a xComfort installation?  ▼

You don’t need an iPhone, iPad or Android telephone. You can control lighting and heating via a web browser or with switches, remote control or room thermostats.

Is xComfort more profitable to invest in than heat pumps?   ▼

It will often be more profitable with a smart control system like xComfort, but you get the biggest savings from both. In many cases, xComfort provides a faster amortisation period than a heat pump, but this will depend upon the size, location, insulation and existing energy sources of the house

Can I install xComfort by myself?  ▼

All electrical installations must be carried out by an authorised tradesman. A knowledgeable xComfort installer can be found here.

Where can I buy xComfort?   ▼

Contact an installer in your area. Here you will find a list of installers who can install xComfort.

Can I combine xComfort with an existing installation or should I replace everything?   ▼

You do not need to replace everything. xComfort is flexible and can be easily used together with what you already have, for example, existing switches. Extensions and changes can be done gradually.

Can I use existing switches or do I need to change all the switches to xComfort?  ▼

You can convert existing switches to xComfort by replacing the inner wiring. New switches can also be supplied by your installer in design frames from other manufacturers, for example: Elko, Gira, Jung, etc.

Can I remotely control the house with xComfort?   ▼

To remotely control house/cabin you must have internet access.

Do I need broadband in the house to remotely control xComfort?  ▼

There are no speed requirements, so you can use mobile broadband as well.

I want to control heating with xComfort. Should I replace radiator or underfloor heating thermostats?  ▼

You do not need to replace your radiator thermostats; one xComfort module can control these. For underfloor heating, thermostat and floor sensors should be replaced by xComfort units.

Can xComfort control all heating sources?   ▼

You can control electric panel heaters, heat pumps, heating radiators and central heating systems.

How much power can I save by controlling heat via xComfort?   ▼

It depends on the size of the house, location, insulation and existing energy sources. But in a house with electricity as the main source of heating, you can expect to save up to 20–40%, depending on your situation.

Can I programme the system itself?   ▼

The electrician configures and documents functions that control lighting, heating, security, etc. Adjustments, such as to temperature, or light levels, can easily be done by you.

Can multiple light switches control the same light?   ▼

It is possible to have several operating points e.g. at each end of the stairs or a corridor. Up to 15 different operating points can operate the same light in parallel. Operating points can be light switches, buttons, remote controllers, motion detectors, etc.

Can one switch turn off all lights in the house? ▼

An absence button at the main door or a night setting button at the bedside table can ensure that all lights are turned off with a single press of the button. Several functions can be actioned by one button, for example, putting heating into savings mode or, unplugging the coffee maker, iron, TV or sound system.