xComfort can disconnect fire hazards like a coffee maker, cooker or iron
Disconnect fire hazards like a coffee maker or iron.
xComfort smoke detector
xComfort smoke detector
Get alerted by an alarm on your mobile
Get alerted by an alarm on your mobile.

Proactive fire safety is when the system prevents fire from starting

Whereas traditional fire alarms activate only after a fire has started, xComfort is able to prevent fire from starting. We call this 'proactive fire safety'.

Whatever your concerns about fire safety in the home, xComfort is the answer. Because xComfort is your digital butler who never sleeps – whether you are at home or not.
15 fire safety settings with xComfort
xComfort has fifteen different settings for creating a fire-safe home. For example, with xComfort you can:
  • Easily disconnect the power to fire hazards such as a coffee maker, cooker or iron.
  • Keep complete control of potentially dangerous situations through early detection of hazards together with alerts in the home and on your mobile.
  • Link fire warning with power management.
  • Check surveillance cameras to verify an alarm.
  • Receive a warning on your mobile phone about power or temperature changes at home.
  • Open locked doors and activate lights on escape routes.
  • Check alert lights and motion sensors.
xComfort is wireless
Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats and sensors. This gives you a high-spec system that is simple and safe to install.

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