xComfort can warn you if anything untoward has happened in the house
xComfort can warn you if anything untoward has happened in the house.

You have full control over your house with your mobile phone. From anywhere. Anytime.

In our busy, modern lives we are often on the go. Whether travelling for work, relaxing at your holiday home or away for the summer holidays, you can quickly and simply reassure yourself that back at home, everything is as it should be.

By logging into xComfort's ‘Smart Home Controller’, you can control its settings and functions, turn the power on and off, even print off a history of home control events. You will also receive alerts if you’ve forgotten to turn off appliances that are fire hazards and warning of flooding, fire or attempted intrusion.
Your own digital butler
Whatever your concerns about security in your home, xComfort is the answer. Because xComfort is your digital butler who never sleeps – whether you are at home or not.
xComfort is wireless
Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats and sensors.This gives you a high-spec system that is simple and safe to install.

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