Welfare technology deals with improvement in the quality of life and security of the individual
Improved quality of life and security for the individual
Motion and bed sensors can help residents to find their way back to bed at night
Helping to find the way back to bed at night
xComfort can be integrated with other security systems
xComfort can be integrated with other security systems

Secure senior living at home. Where you would rather be?

The welfare technology consists of solutions that allow the elderly or others with reduced functionality to live at home longer. It provides an increased quality of life for those living alone and saves our social support resources.

Wireless technology makes it easy to implement functions for control, operation and monitoring of their current home. xComfort was developed as a system for ‘smarthouse’ solutions, primarily for the control of lighting, heating and security functions.
It thinks for itself
For a successful solution to work, it must understand what the user does and wants. In xComfort, contexts and events can be defined as scenarios, each triggering different actions from the system. An example of a scenario might be a person with dementia getting out of bed at two o'clock in the morning and not returning to it within 30 minutes. xComfort can trigger a recorded message saying that it is now the middle of the night and it is a good idea to get back to bed again. Another scenario might be the person in question going out of the front door, in which case a message is sent to the carer and/or relatives.

A further example of xComfort acting according to scenarios is when it uses motion detectors to switch lights on when a person is at home but uses the same detectors as security sensors when the person is away. Or, a fire scenario in which xComfort not only warns acoustically but concurrently switches on house lighting and disconnects power circuits that may pose a fire risk.
Lighting can be used manually as in a conventional house installation. It’s also possible to set up automatic functions such as switching lights on by movement (requires motion detectors) or time limiting how long lights remain on. This timing function is included as standard in xComfort lighting control components, it’s just a matter of choosing when to use each function.

A central control feature is also incorporated within the system. It is easy to add a switch – e.g. by the bed or the front door – which will switch off lights and circuits which may pose a fire risk (such as coffee machines, irons, TVs in standby mode, etc).

Another practical adaptation is a "bed sensor" which switches the light on in the bedroom and route to the bathroom when it is dark and the user gets out of bed.

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