xComfort Bridge

xComfort Bridge

Introducing xComfort Bridge, the new smart installation controller with easy-to-use app.

Simple and user-friendly, the controller puts xComfort installations at your fingertips, whether you are a new xComfort installer or an experienced xComfort installer. No additional configuration software or prior programming knowledge is required, thereby contributing to smart homes that are truly intelligent. All you need to do is to install one of our preconfigured Go Wireless packages and get started with convenient dimming and switching. The process is fast, clean and flexible. You can use the app to wirelessly configure and control the lights at device level, zone level, via scenes or using the astro function. The new commissioning feature allows you to add new smart LED dimmers, switches and plug-in adapters – you can simply scan them or discover new devices via the app in a few simple steps. xComfort Bridge is the fast solution for managing your smart home in a manner that is easy, scalable and future-proof providing more functions in the near future.
Once the xComfort Bridge controller has been connected to the local WiFi router, it can be remote controlled using the xComfort Bridge app on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android devices (smartphone, tablet). Various built-in LEDs provide information on the status and functioning of the controller.The controller can be surface-mounted on any wall, on 55-mm or 68-mm switches or on a junction or installation box. A set of bumper feet (included with the delivery) also makes it possible to place the controller on any horizontal surface.
Included in the box: mounting brackets, bumper feet, USB adapter, Micro-USB cable, UTP cable, screws, dowels and adhesive strips.
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